How to Select a Home Builder

18 May

A home is the biggest investment most people will ever make in their lives. Because of this, home buyers will always want to make sure they get it right first time around. When it comes to constructing a high-quality home, the most important decision you're going to make is choosing the right home builder.

Here are things you should consider as you look for a competent and reliable home building contractor:


The best first step in finding a good home builder from Holland Homes is asking for referrals from people you trust Relatives, friends and coworkers may have some recommendations to make. Better yet, seek advice from industry professionals, such as real estate agents, suppliers, inspectors and the like. Ask them which three to five local builders are the best based on their expert knowledge.


First off, you need a builder who has experience. Don't hesitate to ask questions about their background in the industry. You'll want to know how long they're been around and how much of their history was spent building the type of home that you want. Watch this video at and learn more about home builders.


If you plan to build in a community, ask existing residents what they think of the builder. Are they happy with their home? Are they happy to recommend them to you or other would-be homeowners? You can also read reviews online, as long as you stick to reputable    consumer websites, click here!

License and Insurance

Make sure the builder you choose has proper licensing, and if they say they do, ask for proof. Also inquire if they have both workers' compensation and liability insurance. This will make sure that you are protected in case of worker injury or property damage. As when you ask for proof of licensing, ask for evidence that they are adequately insured. 


A home should come with a long-term written & insured third-party warranty, period. Don't be happy with a mere promise of good quality. Make sure everything is in black and white. Warranty assures you that if a warranted issue arises, it will be addressed to your satisfaction, whether or not the builder is still in business by that time.

Personal Inspection

Lastly, when you're down to your top two or three choices after doing your research, check out their model homes and pay close attention to workmanship and the quality of materials. Is the builder detail-oriented or do you see some items looking unfinished? Are the materials of reputable brands? How do the employees or subcontractors treat you? Do they sound knowledgeable and courteous at the same time? Do you see any safety risks? Sometimes, after you've read or heard a good lot about a certain builder, all you have to do is come face to face with their product - the house.

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